1. Identification of training needs.

2. Organising and managing relevant programmes to impart knowledge and skills.

3. To organize and conduct technical training for Lift industry.

4. To organize and conduct Safety training for Lift industry.

5. Evolving effective training strategies and methodologies for different target groups and      locations.

6. Organize seminars, workshops and conferences for providing interaction and exchange of views by various agencies and entrepreneurs.

7. To evolve strategies & methodologies for different target groups, locations & conduct field tests.

8. To identify training needs and offer training programmes to Government and non-Government organizations engaged in promoting and supporting LIFT Industry.

9. To document and disseminate information needed for-employment.

10. To identify, design and conduct training programmers for existing entrepreneurs.

11. To prepare and publish literature related to Skill development in Lift industry.

12. To conduct research for generating knowledge to accelerate the process of skill development.

13. To act as a catalyst for development of self-employment/entrepreneurship, industry/business.

14. To evolve, design and help in the utilization industry resources for creating better skills and opportunity.

15. To provide inputs for to improve skills and expose members to latest technology.

16. To help existing professional in industry to refresh their skill and knowledge and expose them to latest technology.

17. To help companies on strategic and technical methodologies to become more effective and competitive for growth and profits.

18. To help companies to get entrepreneurial skills and procedures for more turnover and profits.